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Your white-label platform to deliver, control, and scale your vision for the Metaverse

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Automatic graphics optimisation

Allows anyone to easily create and publish content that is high-performant on the web

Proprietary engine

Offering unlimited flexibility and scalability when hosting composable and interconnected experiences

Frictionless access

To Metaverse presences & events without the need for plugins, prior installation, or updates

Scripting Editor

Allows for full customisation and adding of game elements in-world, as well as API and AI integrations

Our Solution

Built from the ground up, our turnkey solution offers all the necessary infrastructure and features to realise your vision for the Metaverse. Only seconds after uploading onto our platform, all content becomes automatically multi-user and shareable via a simple browser link.

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Avatar from Captic's Metaverse platform - the foundational technology for limitless virtual worlds with avatars

Build your own virtual world

Step into our prototype virtual world VRland hosting more than 1000+ unique spaces. Unleash your curiosity and explore our demo now.

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We host 1,000+ unique worlds (and growing)

We use Captic's solution to deliver immersive presences and events for our clients both because of the level of innovation and the excellent support they offer. Our events gather hundreds of participants and often involve several speakers who deliver seminars, presentations, and even use interactive materials, too - Captic's platform is ideal for that.

Caro SalazarFounder & CEO of Design Thinking Sweden

The WebXR Summit Series consisted of six 9-hour shows, speakers from 222 companies, 128 sessions and 54 hours of total uninterrupted content. That’s why we’ve delivered our events using Captic’s tech – a visionary company who has created a truly WebXR-native platform.

Ben ErwinFounder of the WebXR Summit

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